The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

The Sphynx and the Mummy

Aztec mummy

On their way back north, Mork intercepts the party in Memnon. Seems he has a new job, to recover a long lost holy symbol of an ancient emperor of the Calim Desert.

The party heads south, acquiring camels and crossing the desert for many days. The valley of kings is remove and far from water, but the party does find it.

To gain entrance to the pyramid of the dead emperor, the party must answer a riddle. Pooling their wisdom, the solve this and enter the tomb. Evidence shows that members of the Cult of the Dragon have reached these grounds first.

The pyramid seemed awash in traps and challenges, but none beyond the capabilities of our adventuring party. They pushed past to find the remaining members of the cult in a pitched battle with the mummy, risen and defending his home and treasures.

The party was successful, but as the mummy died, the room sealed and began to fill with carnivorous scarabs. A secret exit was spotted, but as the party attempted to flee with the holy symbol, the giant round rock carved in the shape of the sun began to roll behind them. After a frantic dash for the exit, the party escaped.

DM’s Notes: We can’t not do a desert/pyramid adventure, right? This was the last of the high adventures I ran this game. Cut from the list: underwater adventure, pirate adventure, maze, a crashed flying city, and more.



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