The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

Cessation of the Cult

The heroes at long last are able to bring the fight to their enemy


On the way back north, after visiting the Calim Desert, and a stopoff at the Friendly Arm, the heroes have a brief visit in the city of Baldur’s Gate. Since their last visit, several people and a message have been awaiting them.

First, a note is waiting, indicating that the writer would like to meet with the party when they return to Waterdeep.

Second, two friendly faces await the party in the town. On, a tiefling paladin named Davrin. The other, a half elf bard named Heywall Daysong.

Davrin had news that a lead against the Cult of the Dragon was taking him east. Heywall, of course, was always glad to hear the party member’s tales of adventure.

After a friendly visit, the party continued on to Waterdeep. Mork, however, seemed stragely missing from his usual meetup. A short investigation led to his corpse. Apparently, he had been murdered in the street several days earlier by a large bladed weapon. He was not robbed. The party tried, unsuccessfully to contact his associates, but with little really known of Mork, there was little they could find.

So, with few other options, the party met with the author of the note they’ve been given, an old man who called himself Eisuzoun. He made an offer to the party that they reluctantly accepted. He wished revenge on the Cult of the Dragon for stealing his dracolich. They would help him get that revenge, and he would help them in their mission.

Eisuzoun told the party that his dragolich was stolen by someone named Grushnak, who had once led a rebellion against the church of Gruumsh among the orcs. He also knew that Grushnak was a cambion. In this case, a mixture of demonic and ogre ancestory.

Once they were sent to Hlath, they found that the orcs there had attacked the Cult in Force. Davrin had arrived as well, and was battling a dracolich already. Together, they slew the beast and headed into the compound.

The Cultist Headquarters was half brainwashing new members, half devoted to profit. The orcs were already making a terrible mess of the place, and the party pushed past further resistance. Davrin went to check the upper floors, and the party explored the lower levels. They they fought through the undead guardians of the head of the cult, and then the cult leader himself.

Baldor met the party, but while a capable wizard, the party overcame him. However, one of the party’s number, Dexter Silverlace, happened to have attached to his weapon a gemstone that Baldor seemed to want. He took the item, affixed it to his weapon, and attempted to use it to end Sammaster, the cult’s founder and true leader.

Sammaster was a lich, and his life force was protected from harm, but with the weapon Dexter brought, his soul would be trapped and thus denied from allowing his body to reform shoudl Baldor slay his physical form and take the cult for himself. His aim was off, however, and Sammaster slew the traitor and destroyed the gem, as a threat to him.

Fortunately for the party, Sammaster took little to no interest in them. They were allowed to leave. Dexter thanked Sammaster before exiting, as the destruction of them gem allowed the release of his father’s soul.

Davrin contacted the party again after their success. He had been able to track down the identity of the cult’s powerful new ally, who turned out to be Meldarius del Ascei. Meldarius, however, had fatally wounded Davrin, who soon succumbed to his wounds. The headquarters of the Cult of the Dragon left burning, the party escaped to chase down Meldarius and the orcs in pursuit of him.

DM’s Notes: This was built around the confrontation between Baldor and Sammaster. I know that doesn’t involve the players, but they basically had Baldor beat when he made his move. And he died anyway. After that, I tried to give Davrin a good end. If he was alive, he would have to go with them after Meldarius, and clearly I don’t want a high level NPC on side with the players at the end – the victory has to be about them and their characters.



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