Cult of the Dragon

The Cult of the Dragon is a secret, nihilistic society dedicated to bringing about the “inevitable” rule of Faerûn by undead dragons. Members include powerful and intelligent forms of undead themselves.

The Cult reveres dragons to near divine worship. This puts them at odds with many churches to begin with, but through using evil dragons and dracoliches to achieve their dark goals, followers of good religions and members of the Cult often attack each other on sight.

The party first encountered the Cult in Yitsall, and rooted out the sect there, slaying the dragon Thraesk.

Later, the Cult attacked the town of Stonewynne and slew Loh.

Recently, Davrin was attacked by members of the Cult, but he and his allies prevailed over their foes in a narrow battle.

Cult of the Dragon

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