Mork the Half-Orc


Mork looks like he’s seen a few battles. His scars run deep, one of his eyes is bandaged over, and there is a strength to his movements.

DM’s Notes: Ahh, Mork, you did your job so well. They players liked you enough to do work you contracted them to, and no one suspected what you were really up to. Okay, so people seemed to think Mork was a greedy middleman. I didn’t see that coming. But Mork wasn’t selling anything he had the PCs recover. Mork was an agent of Gruumish. His job was to hire adventurers to recover artifacts before the Cult of the Dragon could recover them for Meldarius. It worked well, until Meldarius slew him.


Mork is an adventure broker. He matches up adventurers with jobs that need doing. He met the party in Lyrabar but now deals with them primarily from Waterdeep. He has set the party up with work in the far north, and promises more adventures to come.


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