Solo adventurer


Meldarius is a famous adventurer who is renowned for fighting alone. Recently, he is famed to have come out of retirement for unknown reasons and slew a dracolich somewhere along the sword coast.

DM’s Notes: Meldarius was a character I had the idea for since the game began. It also occured to me early on that I should allow the PCs to side with him if they so choose. As characters go, he in unquestionably evil – he didn’t really care who stood between him and his goals. His goal of apotheosis seems poorly lined with the nihilistic Cult of the Dragon, but they were a group he could bribe, who would be willing to steal the religious artifacts he requires for his ritual, and who were powerful enough to slow down Gruumsh.

Details and Background:

Born: Mulhorand

Cambion (parents were an ogre priest of Gruumsh and a demon)

Age: 35



Meldarius was raised by priests of Gruumsh, but loathed to dedicate his life to someone else’s glory. He rose to power and prominence quickly due to his demonic heritage and natural magic abilities, which served him well as a way to increase his personal power. As he rose to power with the priests of Gruumsh, he gained enemies as well as allies, as some followers came in behind him, respecting his strength, desire for freedom, and force of personality.

At 23 he attempted to take control of the church of Gruumsh, as it were. His attempt failed, but he began a civil war within the ranks. His followers were forced out and he was exiled from Mulhorand. Even in exile, the choas he started earned him some respite from the one-eyed god.

For years after his exile he worked as a mercenary. Sometimes for hire, sometimes simply adventuring to increase his wealth, power, and glory. He was very successful and earned fame, partly because of his unique ability to work alone. When Gruumsh turned his attention back to Meldarius, the cambion had become powerful indeed, and was able to defeat the avatar of Gruumsh in single combat. After that experience, two things happened. Gruumsh, insulted by the defeat, unleashed his rage upon the cambion. And Meldarius began to consider the possibility that he could become a god himself, and free his life from the oppression that was his birthright.



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