Dexter Silverlace


From growing up with just his father, Dexter’s kindhearted like his father. He never knew his mother as she passed away short after giving birth to him, but his father would tell him stories of how wonderful and loving she was. After witnessing his father death, Dexter’s on a mission to track down the killer.

Lost in a blizzard and filled with rage, Dexter passed out and was taken in by a stranger. This stranger taught him the way of the shadow warriors and became his mentor. Dexter out did what his master taught him and was granted passage. Now with the strength of Tempus and the great sword of his father, Dexter’s more determined now to find his father’s killer.

Stubborn as he is, Dexter will go head first into a fight and with the strength of Tempus, Dexter will die trying try to take down his foes. All the while, he’s still be smart about it and use his skills to his advantage. To others he seems the quiet and untrustworthy type as he likes to stay hidden all the time in the shadows, but deep down he’s still has the kindhearted personality like his father and the caring attitude to all races like his mother. He’ll do things out of kindness and caring when others are not looking.


Dexter Silverlace

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