Davrin is a paladin of Oghma whom was an old friend of Loh.


Davrin is a friendly, jovial fellow. He travels often and is well known in the right circles, and a few of the wrong ones. He traveled through Stonewynne and on to Hlammach just before the Heritage story began.

More recently he was ambushed in Berdusk at a temple by attackers very similar to those who struck Stonewynne and slew Loh. Davrin and his associates triumphed, although the battle was a close one.

DM’s Notes: Davrin was never intended to be as important as he was. I do my best to avoid having ‘Pet’ NPCs, and gave a reasonable chance for Davrin to die early in the game. It actually surprised me a bit that people liked him as much as they did, and were as upset by his death as they were. Perhaps that is because of how it was played out.

On a sidenote, he was originally intended to have a southern accent, but I simply forgot.



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