Calitriss was the medusa the party encountered at the end of Figurines of Wonderous People. She was a wizard who had been turning adventurers to stone, the magically shrinking the statues into small figurines and distributing them throughout the realms.


Calitriss was orphaned at a young age due to an adventuring party slaying her mother. Growing up on her own from that early age was difficult, even with her natural abilities. Using stealth and disguise she managed to get close enough to other races to learn of the world around her. She slowly learned the written language, and about how the world on the whole functioned around her. She detested humans and other ‘civilized’ races for her predicament in life. Her evil nature was complimented by a viciously cruel streak.

She preyed upon other races, taking what she could from her victims. Eventually she came to learn of magic with tomes stolen from her victims, and began to study in earnest. She created a lair and learned what secrets she could. However, she saw the need to spell reagents, which could be acquired most easily from the cities with the wealth they used. She could easily cloak her nature magically, but she required a source of funds.

Noting the love that the surface races had for objects of art, she hit upon a terrible idea. She would sell her victims back to their kin. She set about study to create the lair she required for this. She created her ritual for reducing the size of her victims, and created portals from many lesser dungeons in the realms into her lair. The portals were warded magically to discourage evil creatures from taking interest, but the curiosity of many a brave adventurer got the better of them, and they were transported to Calitriss’ lair to be petrified, shrunk, and traded throughout the realms.


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