Baldor was selected by Sammaster to lead the cult while the lich slept. It was Sammaster’s choice of a living wizard to hold his position, as another lich would be far more capable of challenging his power during his rest. Baldor was highly intelligent and ambitious, and was showing a fierce loyalty to Sammaster.

Baldor, however, did not believe in the tenants of the Cult of the Dragon. He saw it as an opportunity to gain power and wealth, and the Cult of the Dragon could certainly do that for him. Oddly, he also had a fear of death, which is why he avoided becoming a lich or other form of undead. Instead, he magically extended his life for hundreds of years.

Baldor’s betray of Sammaster, or attempt to do so, was dependent on a way to destroy Sammaster that he would not return to his phylactery and reform to slay him. When the party brought him a device that would entrap a soul, he took his chance. And failed.

DM’s Notes: I wish I could have built up this character more than I did. The players litereally first heard his name within a few hours of killing him. I moved the plot a little too slow early on for that, and had little real reason to bring him personally in. As characters go, though, he did what he needed to do. He opposed the PCs, fought them, and died a cool death.



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