The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

The Tomb of Price Vongur Bronzecarver

Prince Vongur BronzecarverBack in Waterdeep, the party spoke with a very pleased Mork, who rewarded them well for bringing him the Tear of Ilmater. He promised another job the following day. The party went off to spend their coin and enjoy their time to themselves.

Baern, the party’s dwarven paladin, was approached by an eladrin bard named Anyou who brought him information. He had asked the House of Song, Waterdeep’s Bard School, to look into the location of the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords. A dwarven prince of Melairkyn is buried beneath where Waterdeep now stands, and was a seeker of the axe in his life. Anyou provided Baern with the location of where the prince was buried.

Baern found a pottery shop at that location, and for a share of the treasure and his expenses, Carric the gnomish pottery salesman would allow the party to use the entrance to Undermountain that lay beneath his store.

Down in Undermountain the party faced first wraiths and the famous traps of the dungeon, then an ettin with his cyclops allies. The tomb opened for dwarven hands alone, and required Baern’s knowledge to proceed. In the burial chamber the walls were lined with the knowledge that Prince Bronzecarver had obtained in his life. In the end, Baern ruled that the sarcophagus would not be opened.

DM’s Notes: We were short on people one night, and I threw this together at the last minute. Worked pretty well. And if Baern allowed the tomb to be looted, I totally would have taken away his paladin powers until he atoned.



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