The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

The Unlucky Elf

Spear elf Back in Stonewynne, at the Blackened Keg Tavern was a solitary Wood Elf looking very upset. Upon inquiry, he told the adventurers that his name was Nalhean, and that, during his travels he had done some gambling with a local merchant named Garand, and lost his lifemate, Iledell.

The adventurers promised to look into this matter, and Nalhean joined them as they negotiated with the merchants where they were camped, just outside the town wall. As they did so, the party rogue, Tess, snuck through the wagons and smuggled out Iledell.

Iledell and Nalhean were reunited back at the Blackened Keg and, after Nalhean swore never to gamble again, they continued with their journey.

DM’s Notes: I like side adventures. Done well, they’re quick, offer only a few small challenges, and can involve some little challenge aside from regular dungeon hackery. Something you can hit them with once, and allow it to have its effect, then move on from it before it gets old.



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