The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

The Fall of the Shieldmaiden

Stonewynne is attacked. Loh is murdered.

Lmc fire rIn the middle of the night, shouting in the streets wake the heroes from their slumber. From between the shutters of their rooms at Dovak Dreambox. Looking out, the city was ablaze. As the heroes made it to the street, they found people were attacking the town. Sheriff Boisley and one of his deputies were fighting against the unknown attackers. As the adventurers make it into battle, the deputy is slain, but thanks to the intervention of the players, Tal is saved.

The adventurers cut down many of the attackers without much trouble, but man clad in black plate strides out from Loh house and moved for the exit to town. Oddly, though that house was in the centre of the attack, it seemed to have been lit afire last, and was only beginning to burn as the man strode out of it.

A perceptive adventurer noticed that the attackers wore the same symbols as the members of the Cult of the Dragon that were encountered back in Yitsall. The heroes found the armour clad figure difficult to land a blow upon, but when they had his attention, he turned to reveal his face was devoid of flesh. A burning red light flicked in the eye sockets of his skull, and his blade glowed with a ghostly light. His attack upon the party was devastating, but he showed no interest in their lives. The figure left the city and closed the gate behind him.

After, the party helped the city put out the fire and clean up after, as best they could. Loh’s corpse was found, and she died of a blade before she burnt. Sheriff Boisley also informed the party that many houses were burnt, as well as Stonewynne Imports and Local goods. Several citizens were killed in the fire as well, including Thomas.

The attack left the party with many questions. Why was Loh a target? What were the Cultists doing? And, being that The Cult of the Dragon is known to be nihilistic, why did they show no interest is the town’s church?

They decided to investigate Yitsall once more. They found that orcs had moved into the old mine. Among their number was a caster who had one eye and a symbol of Gruumsh. They had come after the adventurers it would seem. The bodies of the cultists had been defiled and set upon spikes in Thaesk chamber.

Among the dead was the burnt remains of a journal of Valithan the Watchful, who had been sent to investigate the fate of the cultists there. A few clues could be found in those charred pages, but more questions seemed to be raised as well.

DM’s Notes: When developing a plot, I will usually sit down with my notes from time to time and try to figure out what the bad guys are up to. What have the players done, what was the plan, what happens next, all that crap. In this case, the Cult of the Dragon had taken a hit, and blamed local adventurers. Fortunately for the party, they didn’t suspect the party. Unfortunately for Loh and Davrin, they were active around that time in the area, and seemed likely suspects.



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