The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

The Remorhaz of the Glacier

The party came to the city of Lyrabar to seek out Mork, a half-orc whom was said to have work for them. Mork had been in many battles no doubt, from the obvious scars of his body, and his fractured mind. But he seemed to have work for the party indeed – a journey, a shipwreck, and an artifact.

A dwarf named Balorn would provide them with the details once they got to Waterdeep, but there was an artifact called the Tear of Ilmater that was once lost in the north, and could now be recovered. It was the party’s job to recover it, and return it to Mork, who would meet them in Waterdeep upon their return.

And so, the party traveled to Waterdeep. Common monsters and bandits were not a challenge to a group of capable adventurers such as themselves, and they made their trek without major incident across much of Faerun.

Waterdeep, the city of splendors, proved to be perfect for adventurers. With Undermountain below, resources available for anyone’s need, with the usual markup. And, in the Grinning Lion Tavern, a dwarf named Balorn with details on a job.

Balorn told the party of having been on a ship called the Mystic Pride that was shipping goods back to the south after the defeat of the Tuigan Horde. One of these artifacts was the Tear of Ilmater, a valuable religious artifact. During the trip south, the Mystic Pride became lodged in an ice flow and had to be abandoned. The cargo had been thought lost, until trappers in the far north reported seeing her mast coming from atop a glacier in the Sea of Moving ice. It was now imperative that the party move north, and quickly, to catch the glacier before it drifted out to see. He also said that there was word of a possible Remorhaz, and warned against battling such a beast.

The party traveled further north, over road and trail, and finally dogsled across the tundra, and over the Spine of the World. They arrived in time at last, in Rothkin’s Flow in the far north. There they met Gled, a local who arranged for them a rowboat to reach the glacier.

Once they had, they found tunnels interconnecting throughout the interior and began to explore. Inside they spoke with an Ice Troll, who seemed to confirm the fears that had been given to them by Balorn – there was a Remorhaz in the glacier. They delved further, and found the beast, just as it swallowed some unfortunate who reached the glacier before them. The beast was dangerous, but showed little intelligence. It charged the party, and when it struck the walls of the glacier, the entire structure rolled in the water. Working together, the party managed to get past the monster and make it further into the glacier.

Beyond the Remorhaz was the remains of the Mystic Pride, with Ilmater’s Tear in tact, even if the ship’s hull wasn’t. The party recovered the artifact and escaped the glacier.

Back on shore, the party encountered a few thugs who attempted to ‘relieve’ the party of their treasure. It did not prove to be a wise move on their part.

DM’s Notes: This was the first of the jobs for Mork. They were to be high adventures. Go somewhere, get the Macguffin, head back. Each would have something special about it. In this one, it was the remorhaz and the rolling glacier. I was thinking of marking the inside of a box with all the various walls to use a terrain, but it seem impractical for actual use.



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