The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

Study Group

Old library Past the Duergar lay the library of old Cormill. This building was different from those they encountered before. The library was covered in arcane markings, guarded by powerful constructs, and infested with deadly spiders.

Beneath the main library was the vault, locked, trapped, and warded. Through their teamwork and skills, the party managed to overcome its defenses and removed a few valuable items. They also retrieved a wardstone, which would open the path to the current owner of the library, a wizard named Zoldathra.

Zoldathra was not pleased to have had her home and her study intruded upon. But after some careful discussion, the party agreed to leave her domain.

DM’s Notes: I made this the shortest of the building the party went through, and they didn’t even check out the whole place before the owner asked them to leave. I was prepared for the fight with Zoldathra, but am all the happier for not having to play it out. It provided some good role playing, though, when the party, acting like a usual party, kicks open a door and finds a pissed-off wizard wondering why her home was invaded.

There was also a potential side quest here. She was studying a piece of the Rod of Seven Parts, which would have been a decent magic item, but would also have caused various very powerful groups to hunt the party member who possessed it.



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