The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

Jailhouse Orcs

4e dn d orcs by ralph horsley Pushing past the goblins, our heroes found the remains of the Cormill Jail. It was now a home to orcs and ogres, as well as a few other dangerous dungeon dwellers, like a Gelatinous Cube and a Xorn.

Also found down in the depths was a old journal entry in a cell which hinted a mage’s stash which may have survived the landslide all those years ago.

A few battles gave the party a pause but they ended up successfully slaying the orcs chief in the end and moving deeper into the Ruins of Cormill.

DM’s Notes: By the end of this dungeon I realized I was making these buildings too big. The levels were dragging too much. It was turning into too much of a slog to get through it.



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