The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

From the Beginning

Our story begins in the small, quiet town of Stonewynne. Located in Impiltur on the trade way between Hlammach and Lyrabar, it is a small town that serves mostly as a stopover for merchants and travelers. For adventurers there is the attraction of The Ruins of Cormill, located about an hour’s walk from Stonewynne.

Cormill was a wealthy city long ago, home to mining, trade, and a seedy element attracted to the wealth of the city. An earthquake tore the city apart more than a hundred years ago, and a large portion of the foothill above the city was brought down, burying the citizens, and their accumulated wealth.

Since then, many expeditions have been sent into what is left of the ruins to dredge up the remains. Portions of the city have taken up new residents in the form of monsters or evil humanoids. They have been cleared out and resettled many times, but there is still said to be treasures worth the risk.

And so, that brings together our group of adventurers. With dreams of glory and wealth, the intrepid party begins their path to greatness.

DM Notes: This is the first full game I’ve run in 4th edition, and probably the last. I’m not attached to the system overall, for a variety of reasons. But for this game I attempted to embrace the forcus on adventurers and their usual deeds. The focus changed later on when time became an issue.



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