The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

Figurines of Wondrous People

Medusa r During a night at the Blackened Keg, a woman named Agatha approached the party with a problem. Her brother, Kiran, had gone missing several months ago. Before his disappearance, he’d traveled to Hlammach to join an adventuring party called the Fire of Dawn.

The journey to Hlammach was uneventful, and gave the party time to speak with each other on many topics, including their strategy for finding clues upon their arrival. After their arrival, they managed to learn some important information:

It seems likely that the figures were being moved through the docks by an importer/exporter named Toriell. Dockmaster Rolati seemed to not trust the man, but had no evidence to shut his business down. Unfortunately, while the party did not trust him implicitly, they had no reason to search his inventory.

However, more solid clues could be gleamed from Neddy, the bartender and the Ogre’s Mistake. Neddy is said to have a good memory for names, and when asked of the Fire of Dawn, he recalled that the party had taken an interest in the bugbear issue north of the city.

So on the following morning, the party set out for the location of the bugbears near town. The cavern was located on the edge of the farmlands, just as they turn into the foothills. The caves had long been cleared of bugbears, and only the rotten corpses remained. However, there was an arcane archway in the back, identified as a portal. Further searching found a portal key, conspicuously placed, in another chamber. using it to activate the portal, the adventurers cautiously headed forward.

Beyond was the domain of Calitriss, a medusa wizard with a cruel bent. To help her defend her home, and to make her victims easier to handle, she had a flesh golem built, likely of the corpses of those who died to her magic and poison before she could turn them to stone. The party defeated Calitriss, and recovered more of the stone figures, and shipping receipts from Toriell.

It would seem that Calitriss had set up portals in places where inexperienced adventurers would find them, travel through, and she could slay them with ease. An adept wizard, she would then cast upon the petrified remains a ritual to permanently shrink the body into a figurine. It was more her cruel nature than for profit that she sold these figures, shipping them out from various locations to Sembia, from where they would be traded and sold throughout the realms.

Toriell, when confronted with evidence of him crime, claimed to have no knowledge of the contents of his shipments. When all of his attempts to escape punishment failed, he surrendered.

From this event, the party were venerated as heroes. Hundreds of lives could be saved, including Kiran, whom Baern had returned to proper form personally. A minotaur joined into the party as well, and brought word of a half-orc in Lyrabar with work for the party.

Kiran and the party traveled back to Stonewynne to return him to Agatha. There, they encountered Davrin at long last. He spoke with the party about the problems they’d suffered, and provided gifts to help the party with their endeavors.

After speaking with Davrin, the party was off to Lyrabar to speak with a new contact about work for them beyond the sleepy village of Stonewynne.

DM’s Notes: I came up with the figurines idea before this game even got going, so players had been finding them since session one. Although players suspected something from early on, they accepted the figurines as simple art objects. I love how this adventure went down, though. Lots of RP, players seemed to all have something they wanted to do. And a nice fight at the end. This became a model I tried to move towards in subsequent adventures.



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