The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

Can you dig the duergar?

Duergar abduction by ben wootten Delving past the orcs and ogres, the next building found turned out to be for the processing of ore. Duergar had taken over this building and activated it once more. The intrepid explorers found a functioning mine, ore processing, and smithy.

The Duergar proved challenging foes, using their various machines to impede the adventurers and place them into harm’s way. After a series of bitter, bloody melees, the party managed to slay the last of the Duergar.

DM’s Notes: I shortened this level of the dungeon, having learned my lesson from the level of orcs. This one had fewer fights and more interesting combat environments. Most of which seemed to really make players gunshy about going near anything. Except the bullywug who seemed to thrive on interacting with unusual environments.



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