The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

AAACK! Zombies!

Zombies r From a journal in a jail cell, the party learned of a wizard’s stash that might still be out in the hill above the Ruins of Cormill. After a clever bit of tracking with a very old description of the path, the adventurers found an old stone structure with a central pedestal.

Upon approaching the centre, an orb in the centre of the pedestal began to glow, and all around the party, the living dead began to rise and attack. They soon learned that the orb could be used to rejuvenate them in battle, although it was necessary, as wave after wave of the undead clawed their way to the surface, before at last a large corpse, looking like many large creature sewn together, rose forth and attacked. It was a narrow win, but the party did manage to defeat the monster, and upon doing so, the orb disappeared, revealing the wizard’s trove.

DM’s Notes: In 4th edition, there’s a great little property of zombies where a critical hit automatically kills them. I thought this was great. Too bad I don’t recall the players rolling a single one.



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