The Bloody Path to Apotheosis

A Flophouse of Goblins


The adventure began by delving into what was left of the Flophouse, now occupied by goblins. The creatures proved little challenge for the adventurers for the most part, although a few other creatures, including an Ankheg and a pair of ochre jellies. They also received some help in their travels from a human sorceress name Cassie. But our heroes did prevail and eventually slew the hobgoblin chieftain, and found the path deeper into the ruins.

DM’s Notes: The whole concept of the Ruins of Cormill was a dungeon where each area was the remains of a building in a city now long buried. I figured this would allow each to have its own feel and separation. Thus the party could tap this place as a source of their exploration and get a different experience with each level they delved into.



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