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This game is now completed. Feel free to check out the DM’s Notes page.


Contained herein is information primarily to allow myself and players in my current game to keep track of campaign info and events that have occurred in the game so far. It is not intended to be easy to follow for those not involved in the game directly, however anyone who may show interest is welcome to do so.

The campaign being run is 4th edition using mostly standard rules. It has started with a fair bit of dungeon delving, although that chapter of the story has nearly been completed, and the future promises travel and high adventure.

As a side note, images used, character portraits for example, were pillaged from google image search and all credit goes to the artists and photographers. They are not being used for profit here, and if any request is made by the owners to remove these images, they will be taken down.

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The Story So Far

Alright, here are the adventures completed, in order:


A Flophouse of Goblins

The Unlucky Elf

Who, What, When, Wererat

Jailhouse Orcs


AAACK! Zombies!

Can you dig the duergar?

The Fall of the Shieldmaiden

Study Group

Figurines of Wondrous People

Remorhaz of the Glacier

The Tomb of Price Vongur Bronzecarver

The Fang of Merrshaulk

Between the Anvil and the Dracolich

The Sphynx and the Mummy

Less Than Friendly Arm Inn

Cessation of the Cult

End of the Path

Also be sure to check out the Character Page.

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The Bloody Path to Apotheosis